How iOS 11 can be leveraged by developers

How can iOS 11 be leveraged by developers

With the launch of iPhone X Apple iOS 11 operating system is in the news. Every year when an iPhone is released its operating system is touted as one of the best ones to come, but the typical updates that Apple gives are bug fixes and some minor tweaks. iOS 11 is a shift from that past more so when it comes to iPad. One of the most dominant OS in the enterprise is the iOS which over the time has evolved into a highly computing platform. As a result, new enterprise features in iOS 10 are less, rather Apple has focused more on strengthening the partner ecosystem to enhance every aspect of the enterprise experience. For example, the NEWS of WebRTC Support in iOS 11 and Safari is a significant development in its own rights

Apple has tried its best to help their customers to find a way and avoid exhaustive App Store searches and interaction hassles. As a matter of fact, Apple and market-leading partners are aligning together to deliver a vast range of fully vetted and integrated Apps. This, in turn, would help customers to focus more on their deliveries and less on blackened management.

As an example, a tighter integration between Cisco and Apple has been witnessed. Cisco will help to improve enterprise services within the platform of iOS. On the other hand, Apple and Cisco QoS have joined hands to help IT managers to prioritize their performance for specific enterprise application. This, in turn, will help and ensure the best possible user experience.

It is important to fast-track certain apps, especially for these mission-critical communications apps. As an example, VoIP in a hospital setting. Cisco Spark and Apple have also fused together with the native iOS calling feature. This, in turn, has led to the calls placed via the app will have a look and feel like calls made using Apple’s native phone app.

Examples of Apple deepening its partnership with third-party vendors are the Apple’s specific partnership programs like the Mobility Partner Program (MPP) and AppConfig community. It has helped the third-party vendors to simplify the overall enterprise app and device management.

iOS 11 and Developers

Apple announced that iOS 11 will set a new standard for the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.

These are the following ways which will help developers leverage iOS 11.

iOS 11
Drag & Drop

When it comes to desktop, drag and drop is something that has always been taken for granted. But then it was missing on iOS which in turn held back multitasking until iOS 11 was introduced. Particularly on iPad, drag and drop facility has become a major part of the new iOS. Within this feature, one can easily move content inside apps or between apps. At the same time, one can very conveniently use your other hand to manipulate apps while dragging. The new dock system can also be leveraged to activate other apps mid-drag.

Augmented Reality

With the launch of iOS 11, Apple has introduced ARKit a remarkable Augmented Reality solution. An advanced implementation has been created which integrates effortlessly with the existing game development technologies. A developer can leverage his existing SpriteKit or SceneKit skills can and integrate it seamlessly with ARKit without too much of effort. XCode also comes with an amazing ARKit template which makes undertaking AI development an easy task.

PDF Rendering

First-rate support for rendering PDF’s has always been championed by macOS. Since OS X 10.4 has vastly benefited by the framework called PDFKit which gives PDF rendering, hardly any code is required for further manipulation and annotations. Within iOS 11, one can use the PDFView class to seamlessly display PDFs. It also helps users to move effortlessly through a document, select and share content, zoom in and out etc. As another option, one can use individual classes to create one’s own custom PDF reader. For this work, PDFDocument, PDFPage, and PDFAnnotation can be used.

NFC Reading

A new hardware support for NFC had been introduced when iPhone 7 was launched. iOS 11 gives are the capability of detecting nearby NFC NDEF tag and it’s extremely easy. To try it, one can create a new iOS project using the Single View App template in XCode. After this, one can move towards the Capabilities tab in the project setting and then enable NFC Tag Reading option. It is important to provide an explanation for the using while using NFC so that they are aware of what is happening.

Machine Learning and Vision

iPhone X features like FaceID, Animoji, Augmented Reality out of the box are leveraging machine learning. If we dig deeper we will realize that the foundation for these features is CoreML. This is the first machine learning kit from Apple’s. CoreML works across Apple products ranging from iPhone to Apple watch, in short, every Apple device.

XCode the best

One of the most exciting feature of iOS 11 is the XCode release. It is packed with exciting new features. One can make sweeping changes to the codes in just a few clicks. Wireless debugging is now available for both iOS and tvOS. Extraordinary speed improvements have come about with the source editor rewritten in Swift. One can now add named colors to asset catalogs which helps them to define later. Multiple simulators now can be run concurrently and can also be resized freely.


iOS 11 for designers

iOS 11 has some interesting features to offer mobile application designers, for example, Better spatial compartmentalization of settings. Mobile apps have further been optimized for single hand gestures, though responsiveness for some of the apps still needs fine tuning for example brightness and volume controls

Headers- Prominent headers make it easier to identify the nature of the application, this becomes very helpful for the smaller screen of iPhone.

To wrap up

Machine learning and AI will have some interesting use cases, for example, to estimate energy consumption by analyzing lines of code or software components and referencing data from programs running on other devices.

By shifting towards search-based software engineering finding redundant code is a simple task.

Author: Nilesh Ukey

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