10 things to look at when outsourcing your Mobile Application Development project

10 things to look at when outsourcing your Mobile Application Development project

10 things to look at when outsourcing your Mobile Application Development project

There are thousands of Mobile app development organizations out there developing a range of applications from Uber clones to the next mobile payment wallet. Tie this up with the huge demand for these resources in areas like Bay Area, for an organization to build the next killer app is not always an easy task.

One of the options that are available to startups, entrepreneurs and enterprises are outsourcing mobile development. Not many know that ‘Revel Systems” one of the first POS to be built for Apple devices; its initial development was outsourced to India, or for that matter, Lily which is transforming the female fashion industry is being designed and created by a mobile agency.With thousands of firms operating in this domain outsourcing development might come across as a risk-free option and an easy task, but is it really so?

Look at some of the aspects being highlighted by outsourcing agencies to describe themselves

  • Highly-Experienced
  • Proven expertise
  • Competitive rates
  • Timely delivery
  • Testimonials

But are these adjectives enough to take a decision on which corporation to partner with on your development effort? I am afraid that is not the case. Let’s look at some of the factors that we should look at prior to deciding which firm to partner with.

  1. Do they understand the business problem that you are looking to address– Its okay to be inspired by an app and look at creating something similar but it is also important to ask whether the app that you are looking to create is bringing anything unique to the table. When looking to outsource development discuss with the potential app development partner and see if they bring any fresh ideas to the table
  2. How good are they with user experience– It is important to understand that mobile interface has its own nuances and app abandonment is a significant issue that app publishers face. UX plays an important role in ensuring that users remain engaged with the app, and with the high cost of app discovery and marketing it is important to get this aspect right. Look at the review of the apps that a development agency has created especially recognition from independent agencies like SIIA CODiE Award. Another option that is much easily possible is the feedback onApple App Store/ Google Play.
  3. How involved is the team– In quite a few outsourcing scenarios during the sales phase you will get access to a corporation’s technology and management leadership, but you should freely ask the question; how involved will they post the project sign off stage. At the onset of the project ensure that you get to interact with key stakeholders who are going to be part of development phase and become comfortable with their capabilities
  4. How comfortable is the team on the platform that you are planning development on– Mobile development is quite unlike traditional development. We are not looking at just a couple of development environment, instead, platforms ranging from Ionic, Xcode, Android, PhoneGap and a multitude of others are present. In certain scenarios and this includes large development agencies have more capabilities on a certain platform. It is extremely important to validate this experience.
  5. The validity of Testimonials – Generating reviews and testimonials is not a tough task, and quite a few corporations tend to use underhand tactics when it comes to references and testimonials. These reviews can be from current or ex-employees or friends. To ensure the validity of references ask for details of App that they have created and which are in public domain and post that talk to the key stakeholders of the organization that has got the app created.

  1. Be careful of extremely cheap and low cost offers – Good things are not always cheap. There is a distinction between the best app designer and the least expensive app developing organization. There can be a lot of difference in the prices charged by different corporations but it will also lead to a difference in the quality of service. It is crucial that the quality of the service delivered by the firm must be a priority while making a decision.
  2. Intellectual Property – Certain things should be extremely clear while outsourcing mobile design and development. Some companies reuse frameworks or use third-party tools while undertaking development while doing this reduces the effort of development it is important that ownership of IP is clarified upon prior to the start of development. The ownership of the Mobile App should ideally remain with the company unless something else is decided mutually.
  3. Does the firm outsource its tasks? – You outsource your app task to an organization – and they quickly outsource it to another little-known, outsider firm. It is not a very acceptable situation to be in – in the event that you don’t ask about it at the very start. Before you contract app designers, ensure that they would be accountable for your venture all through. Organizations that outsource the work to another party, eventually end up delivering unsatisfactory work.
  4. Delivering a finished App – App development mostly is run by the Ninety: Ninety Rule. It states that 90% of the Application Development process is completed within 90% of the pre-scheduled time frame and the last 10% of the remaining application takes another 90% of the time allocated to the development. You have to guarantee that the organization you have focused in upon don’t comparably slow down on the development process midway. It is important to ensure that a completed application is delivered to the company.
  5. Non-Disclosure Agreements– If an organization isn’t prepared to consent to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement with you at the very beginning, the company should not encourage doing business with them. The understanding guarantees that, once the app is finished and given over, you get the sole ownership of all the Intellectual Property Rights of the same. On the off chance that you are intending to work with an independent mobile app engineer, the issue of IPR settlement turns out to be considerably more imperative.

This is certainly not a comprehensive risk and can vary depending on the nature and domain of development.

Author: Nilesh Ukey

Mobile App Consultant, IIT graduate with 8+ years of experience in Mobile App & Web Development and Strategising complex projects with substantial architectural design. Nilesh is responsible for accelerating growth and driving new business opportunities while understanding and keeping in the forefront, our clients’ vision. His focus is on guiding end-to-end strategy to advance Nickelfox position in high-growth markets across the globe. He brings a rare combination of creative, analytical and operational skills.